Unlike a Hotel

The big question: which loft do you choose?

Because that’s what you get when you stay at Hotel QSL - every room is authentically true to the original layout of this industrial space. We retained the rough finishes and singular styles, but added a level of luxury that will make your urban experience extra exceptional. Complementing the concrete floors, exposed ceilings and metal-framed windows are a host of personalised nuances to make it provocative, atypical, unlike a conventional hotel.

Luxury is in the details, and Hotel QSL is brimming with them. Little wonder, because it was conceived and created by the people behind Row-G, the world-renowned made-to-measure menswear brand. The showroom is just upstairs. So on the one hand there’s an ethos of well-considered service and sublime aesthetics, and on the other you’re downtown, in touch with Joburg’s dazzling inner city.

Hotel QSL is uncompromising in its raw realness. And it doesn't compromise when it comes to indulgent comforts. It’s where you belong. Welcome.

All You Need

Start by renting a Kindle with over 3 000 books, and then, by the time you’ve ordered your pillow off the menu, or enjoyed breakfast at a top restaurant, or visited our on-site tailor…well then you might be in the mood to take advantage of our high-speed fibre and watch your favourite movie on Netflix (or ShowMax) on the smart TV in your room.


Throw in some of the best tech around:

High-speed fibre
Smart TV in all rooms
Access to meeting and conference facilities

Then there’s the personal touch:

Updated list of interesting places to visit, curated by Rahim Rawjee, Row-G’s Chief Creative Officer
Assisted booking for nearby events, concerts and openings
Pillow menu
Kindle with 3 000 books to rent
Free use of deskspace.joburg, a work area
The opportunity to purchase our bespoke linen and mattresses

You get it…you’ll be spoilt. So let’s start with all your food and drink options:

Room service from a wide range of restaurants at 44 Stanley Complimentary mini bar, in a Go Green Fridge endorsed by The UN Environment Programme
Breakfast voucher from a nearby eatery


We also want you to look your best, and offer:

On-site tailoring
Suit pressing
Row-G black label evening jacket (to borrow)
VIP appointment with Row-G

And finally, what’s expected:

Laundry and dry cleaning service
Climate control in all rooms
Valet parking
Airport shuttle service

For Your Ears Only…

As with any vibrant, downtown space, you’re likely to hear the sounds of the city and the industrial groans of an old building settling down for the night. It’s hardly a racket, but should you want to block it all out, there are noise-cancelling earplugs in every room.